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One of the goals of the Internet Access and Data Distribution (IADD) is to create opportunities for our customers to have better access to our data and to increase the functionality of that data.

With that goal in mind the ArcGIS Toolbar is an extension or Add-on to be used with the ESRI ArcMap product. The Toolbar functions within the ArcGIS Toolbox and the ArcMap Toolbar. This enhancement creates a series of buttons on the Toolbar within the GIS that allows the user to access Seamless Data Distribution System (SDDS).

The purpose of the enhanced tools are to allow the user to define an area of interest (AOI), select products or options for downloading products, and then download the product to a local disk. The capabilities available in ArcMap would allow for more client options: add preview, index and outline layers, template selection, reprojection, and import the downloaded products into the current map overlay. All of this can be done without leaving the ArcMap environment. With the functions included with the ArcGIS toolbox, users may allow for client-side scripting, model-building, and easier integration in local ArcGIS based development.

The ArcGIS Toolbar is an extension or Add-on to be used with the ESRI ArcMap 9.3 and 10.x.

Note: This is the first of a group of tools that will be provided to facilitate access to USGS data from different software packages. It should not be considered an endorsement of any software package.

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